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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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next week. and just a tragic day in the nation's capital history. 30 years ago today, we remember the crash of air florida flight 90. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. wow! that is a pretty picture outside, getting ready for sunrise a little bit later on this morning, a mix of clouds and clear skies. this, of course, is friday, the 13th, friday, january the 13th. but don't let that worry you. good morning, everyone, i'm tony perkins in this morning for steve. >> i'm allison seymour. i heard the weather guy, 13 is my lucky number. it's always been around in my life. >> i like that. >> i welcome it. >> we'll see what happens today. >> don't look for anything suspicious going on right now. tucker, good morning. >> not me, allison. good morning, everybody. we got blustery conditions in store for your friday, going to be cold today, definitely jacket weather as our
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temperatures will struggle into the upper 30s for afternoon highs. let's get to it. take a look at radar and let you know that the shower and/or even a few snowflakes that fell across the area, very quickly lifting off to the north and east, now up towards philadelphia. we're done with the rain showers, but in its wake the much colder air beginning to rush in on some very brisk northwest winds. that will be the theme around here, very windy conditions expected. even with our sunshine, temperatures about 20 degrees colder than yesterday. let me show you a wind advisory. this goes into effect at 9:00 this morning through 6:00 tonight for counties just to the north and west of washington where winds could gust up to 50 miles per hour. already this morning i've seen winds gusting to about 40 to 45. so look out. it's going to be a very, very windy day today as this colder air moves in from the north and west. current conditions here in washington, 40 degrees, winds out of the west 13, gusting to about 25 here in the city. partly sunny skies, cold, windy today and, again, that high temperature, we did that overnight, so most of the day will be in the 30s. more details on the forecast and a look at the weekend in
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just a minute. let's do some traffic and julie wright has this. reporter: tucker barnes, good morning to you, sir. on the roads you'll find lanes open, but typical slowdowns will accompany this drive as you travel westbound 495, leaving i-95 college park headed towards coalsville road, an eight-minute commute there. that's how long it's going to take you to travel westbound on 495. southbound 2 tweft, better on the top side approaching an passing route 80. now as you start to slow, you'll find yourself down to 37 miles an hour. no problems to report on northbound 395. lanes are open as you work your way northbound leaving duke street headed out towards seminary road. traffic slows briefly at the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. in big news this morning, occupy protesters getting evicted possibly that's because of a rat infestation at their tent city. >> d.c. mayor vince gray wants
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to remove them from mcpherson square. we get more now from fox 5's sheri lee from the square. reporter: good morning, allison, good morning, tony. the mayor called the conditions here at mcpherson square dangerous and he wants this encampment shut down immediately. in a letter to the park police, mayor gray cited a report by the health department which says there is a rat infestation because of improper disposal of trash and human waste. those rats were seen in tents and in the food prep area. there are also concerns about hypothermia and disease. the park service had no comment except to say the protesters have a right to freedom of speech. the mayor wants the mcpherson occupiers to consolidate with the group at freedom plaza which has a permit through the end of the month. but so far protesters here at mcpherson square see no reason to leave. >> we've had several other problems which kind of came to a head and really became a problem. we got together, we put our heads together and we solved it. that's exactly what's happening with the rat problem. we're moving progressively
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forward, changing thing, the way we do things in the kitchen, dealing with food in tents and other things. it's a problem that we are able to solve, that we're working to solve, and that if we're allowed to stay here at mcpherson, that problem will be solved. reporter: congressman darrell issa who chairs the congressional oversight and government reform committee has asked the park service to justify why these protesters have been allowed to stay and accused the park service of just making excuses, unlike the protesters at freedom plaza, the ones here do not have a permit. last week they did go to court seeking a court order to avoid eviction, and so far they have not left, although the city wants them gone. that's the latest here in mcpherson square. back to you. >> all right, sheri, thank you very much. checking some of the other top stories now, a virginia
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couple charged with child neglect won't be spending any time behind bars. kristina moore and john robeiest are accused of barricaded their three children behind drywall. yesterday a judge sus pended robey's 9-year sentence. instead he was given three years active probation. moore was ordered back into drug rehab and will be sentenced in may. more fallout from the harry thomas, jr scandal, the head of a nonprofit is expected to plead guilty today to a felony charge in connection to the money scheme. marshall banks is accused of knowing that thomas was stealing. a court document filed yesterday says banks was aware the former d.c. councilman was taking grant money, but he never reported it. thomas pleaded guilty last week to embezzling more than $300,000 in city funds. flags in maryland will fly at half staff today in memory of a local soldier killed in afghanistan. army specialist ronald which wouldred junior was killed last month by a roadside bomb.
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a funeral was held yesterday in his hometown. he will be buried today at arlington national cemetery. allison, today is the 30th anniversary of the air florida deadly plane crash here in d.c. and it's a day that those living in the area will never forget. that plane was carrying 73 people when it hit the south span of the 14th street bridge and plunged into the frozen waters of the potomac. poor weather conditions and pilot error were to blame for the accident. all but four passengers and one flight attendant on board died in the crash. korgdz to reports from that -- according to reports from that day, the plane collided with cars and trucks on the 14th street bridge, sending numerous people to the hospital and killing some. witnesses helped rescue crews by jumping into the frigid waters to save lives. roger olin was one of those people who tried to help. he swam into the middle of the frozen potomac after seeing the crash. olin who received a medal for his efforts will talk to us about that day live in our 8:00
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hour. the air florida crash was one of two tragedies that day. shortly after the crash, a metro train derailed, killing three passengers. to the race for the white house now, some of mitt romney's presidential challengers are having trouble getting on the ballot on at least one upcoming primary state. they include rick santorum, newt gingrich, rick perry and jon huntsman. today all four will have their day in court. after failing to get on the virginia primary ballot. the hearing is set on perry's lawsuit challenging the state's qualifying requirements. gingrich, santorum and huntsman later joined that very same lawsuit. the candidates are asking a judge to declare that law unconstitutional and order their names added to the march 6th ballot. and today on the campaign trail, newt gingrich opens his florida headquarters in orlando before heading to south carolina for a forum which will also be attended by jon huntsman and rick santorum. mitt romney is speaking at the
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university of south carolina at aiken and later will host a veterans event. as for rick perry, he'll be in hilton head island this morning before meeting voters later today in charleston. tony. allison, all is quiet now on capitol hill, but another debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling is brewing. president obama is getting a jump start ahead of congress' return next week and fox's doug luzader has more. reporter: we knew this was coming, president obama is asking congress to raise the debt ceiling again. republicans will try to block it. $15 trillion and counting, an unimaginable number and another $1.2 trillion in debt is probably on the way. president obama just sent this quick one-sentence letter to congress asking for the authority to pile on more debt. the third increase that was part of a deal he hammered out with congress last year. but part of that agreement gives congress a chance to vote it down and that is what republicans will try to do, even though the white house says the president will simply
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veto any objections. it gave fresh fodder to republicans out on the campaign trail. >> i hope the members of congress send a very clear message to the president of the united states, not now, not again, absolutely not, mr. president. >> the idea of year after year passing on massive debts that we know we'll never pay and that our kids and grandkids are going to be burdened with, that's unacceptable to me. reporter: the president, in the meantime, will try to leverage that debt into what will be a big campaign issue this year, raising taxes on wealthy americans. >> my attitude is i've already signed a trillion dollars worth of spending cuts, i've proposed even more. it's time when we're talking about reducing the deficit to also ask people like me to pay our fair share in taxes. we can do that. reporter: now, that additional $1.2 trillion in borrowing won't last long. we think it'll probably be enough to get us through the november election. in washington, doug luzader,
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fox news. here's a little lighter news now, the first lady is planning to bust a move at a high school in virginia later this morning. michelle obama is scheduled to join the cast of nick loadon's "icarly" at hayfield school in alexandria. it's to show support for military families. in the meantime, it is movie night at the white house. tonight the obamas are hosting the tuskegee airmen about the legendary african-american fighter pilots. it's for the upcoming episode that she'll be dancing. >> gotcha. that movie looks like a good movie. >> it definitely does. george lucas. 7:10 right now on this friday morning. stay in touch with fox 5 and the storm force team anytime anywhere with the new fox 5 weather app. we'll explain it coming up next. also the dutchess of york facing some serious charges in turkey. why sarah ferguson could be looking at over two decades behind bars. plus mass chaos outside an apple store in china.
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what prompted crowds of folks to shout and throw eggs, basically they egged the apple store in that part of china. we'll tell you about it. also as we head to the break, we've got a live look outside, it's kind of artsy right now, going in and out. there's another view that you'll like. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. it's 7:11. 
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making headlines this morning, the military has identified the four marines shown in a video urinating on corpses in afghanistan. investigators say they've already interviewed two of the four, all from camp le jeune in north carolina. they fought in the southern afghan province of he lmond before returning home last year. sarah ferguson faces more than 20 years behind bars in turkey. the dutchess of york is accused
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of going against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy of five children. here's the deal, she made an undercover trip to turkey in 2008 to examine orphanages for a british television program, she secretly filmed images that were broadcast. they appeared to show children tied to their beds or just left in their crib. no trial date has been set. there were riots today in china or near riots after the much-anticipated official launch of the popular iphone 4s was canceled. apple became concernedsize of t that included gangs of scalpers ready to buy in bulk to resell at a markup. some of the crowd began throwing eggs at the apple store after waiting in freezing temperatures all night long. >> do you go to the store to get the eggs? >> that's exactly what i was going to say. >> their safeway was right there. weird. but if they were there for hours, you know what i'm going
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to to do, i'm going to go get some eggs. >> i'll get some toilet paper, now we're thinking. >> egg has pretty much gone -- egging has pretty much gone out around here, that was pretty much for the '70s and '80s? >> no. halloween night i was with my kids, a group of teenagers come by in an suv and they're egging cars. >> that's ridiculous. >> and then my big husband stood there, like, i know you're not going to egg us. and they didn't. helps to have a big husband. everybody needs one. >> tony covered in eggs. >> thanks a lot. let's get to the forecast. bus stop forecast and you'll notice this, it's going to be windy with falling temperatures today, so, hey, bottom line is kids really need to dress warmly. it's going to be cold this morning, cold later today as the winds and our wind chill temperatures will hang out in the upper 20s and low 30s later this afternoon. let's take a spin around the rest of the country. we're now down to 38, that's an update, 38 now in washington,
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and we've been falling. it was 45 degrees when i got here this morning, so we've fallen seven degrees in the past couple of hours. 16 in cincinnati. look at minneapolis, 12 degrees. game time temperature in green bay this weekend for the big game on sunday in the low 20s. >> they like that, though, don't they? >> they do like that. actually, they've had much worse, but it will certainly be cold out. 44 in san francisco, 29 down in del rio, texas. look at dallas, 30 degrees. there's a lot of cold on the map this morning. our storm system that brought us the rain showers and a few snowflakes during the overnight hours off to the north and east, and in its wake we've got this very cold air rushing in on these brisk westerly and northwesterly winds. i don't think we'll see anything more than a few clouds passing through from time to time today, but even with sunshine it's going to be much colder than yesterday, about 20 degrees colder than yesterday with high temperatures optimistically 42. to be honest with you, we'll be in the 30s most of the day, and then your weekend forecast, look at that, high temperatures mid-30s. could be two snowflakes late saturday night, early sunday morning and then we'll start a
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rebound in temperatures early next week. >> that's chilly for sure on sunday. >> yep, you got it. >> thanks. one woman who will be very bundled up this weekend is julie wright. >> or is she? julie, are you traveling this weekend? not to be all up in your business, will you be in the cold? >> yesterday you told me what i needed to be doing. >> i'm try to go protect you, julie, that was a shield so people wouldn't call us. but are you going somewhere warmer or are you cold this weekend? >> i will be here this weekend. i'm checking it out, rockin' the red. >> do you have a date? >> oh, my god! >> now, he is all up in your business. reporter: we're going to the maps. oh, my gosh. 270 at montgomery village avenue, down to about 47 miles per hour. headed out towards the split, the lanes here are open, inner loop to braddock road about a 12 machine hint -- 12-minute ride right now. top side of the beltway speed towards coalsville road, all
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lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> annually, thanks. we have other exciting news besides julie's love life to share with the viewers. >> you now have instant access to the fox 5 weather team and all of our tools, well, most of them right at your fingertips, radar, hourly forecast, iwo jimay board, you can -- a ouji board. >> this is a cool app and gary breaks it down for us. gary, take it away. reporter: the fox 5 weather app is now available to you and it's free. listen, we know you have busy schedules, we know you have busy lives, you can't always sit in front of the tv to get your forecast. now you're just a click away when you're on the go with the fox 5 weather app. you can get this on your smart phone or your tablet. i'm using my ipad here to show you how awesome this is. to get started, it's super simple, you go to the apple store or the android market, search d.c. weather.
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it comes up, you push install, it's that easy, it's that quick. now let me show you all the great stuff that you'll find once you get inside. first up, fox 5hd radar now available in the fawm of -- palm of your hand, realtime doppler that allows you to drill down to your neighborhood, any location, anywhere in the nation. you can put in a zip code, put in a city or town name, doesn't matter, and it will take you right to that spot. see that icon in the upper right hand corner? that's your weather settings. you can set them to whatever you want to see, road conditions, wind speeds, temperature, the choice is yours. now, let's hit the forecast tab. wow! check that out, the full 10-day forecast live and in color, current temperatures and conditions outside. but why stop there? you now can get the hourly forecast for that day, just scroll up and scroll down. another feature i wanted to point out to you, the forecast chart, showing you the highs and lows for the next 10 days. on the blog tab you can follow
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the tweets from the fox 5 weather team. we'll be updating these all day everyday, so if you have a question or a comment, we'd love to hear from you. >> we are going to be having your very own app here. maybe you're watching me on the app. reporter: you want to see the forecast from one of our weather casters, hit this for the fox 5 weather update. now to another feature where your involvement is crucial, send us your weather pictures and video. if you see it, snap it, send it to us. you can do that by hitting the submit tab. we'll post them on and who knows, we may use your pics or video on the air. we hope you download the fox 5 weather app soon. send us a picture, send us a tweet, let us know what you think. >> well, all right. >> tucker is tweeting right now at this very moment. >> he is? >> excellent. it's 7:21 as tucker tweets. still ahead, details about a scam that could be targeting
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your electric bill. plus a new outlet mall is coming to prince georges county. we'll have all the details on when you can start shopping after the break. and get ready to experience the world's largest motorcycle show. it's happening at the washington convention center this weekend. a little later we're going to check in with our very own annie yu with a look at some of the hottest bikes for women. 7:22. ú÷ñxxúú
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welcome back. it's 7:25 now. pepco is warning customers about a scam involving electric bills. the power company says 22 people reported getting a call, telling them to buy a credit card to pay a bill or their electricity will be cut off. now, the only thing is that the calls are not from pepco. they are warning that if you get a call like this, the person calling should be able to give you your account number, the account address and the past due balance. good news for a shop-a-
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holics out there. there will soon be a new place in the area to find bargain deals. the planning board in prince george's county has given the green light to build an outlet mall adjacent to the harbor. it will have 80 stores. after changes to the proposal, the board unanimously vote inside favor of this shopping complex. if you have a little time to save up, do it, it's scheduled to open in 2013. here's a health alert, if you drink a lot of soda, a new study shows downing a liter of regular soda a day increases the amount of fat surrounding your organs by 25% and it nearly doubled the amount of fat in the liver. the study compared results from a group of 50 obese people assigned to either drink a leert of water, milk, diet cola or regular cola each day for six months. federal regulators have decided not to pull orange juice from store shelves, that's because they say the fungicide found in several brands is too low to cause safety concerns. earlier this week coca-cola says it informed the e.p.a.
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about the fungicide in its juice, fruit juice and that of its competitors. it is illegal in the united states, but allowed in brazil to prevent mold from growing on orange trees. 7:26 now, 38 degrees this morning. next we're going to tell you about a new craze that's prompting a cell phone-free zone at the dinner table. plus a new threat in the war on terror. wtop's j.j. green is here to explain the concept of something called blended attacks. as we head to the break -- oh, that is a beautiful picture. run to your thf right now. -- tv right now. gorgeous. this is a live look outside. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker. sunrise occurred one minute ago according to tucker. thank you, tucker. we'll be back with more. 
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7:30 now. people who constantly check their cell phones, even when eating dinner with friends now have a game that helps break the habit. it's called phone stacking and you can play it next time you go out to dinner. here are the rules for phone stacking. the game starts after everyone has placed their order, everybody has to put their cell phones face down on the table, the first one to turn it over and look at it loses and the loser has to pay the bill for
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everyone at the table. >> good game. >> yeah. now, if the waiter brings the bill before anyone has flipped their phone, then everybody wins and all pay for their own meal. >> pretty good. >> i like it. the phone stacking. >> here's the thing, you got your phones down, one person picks it up, ah, you lost, you're paying for the meal, does that give permission for everybody to pick their phones up and start talk sng >> i think so. >> tony, you realize we would lose this game with our new fox 5 weather tweet. we'd have to be there all the time. >> if you see tucker or i on the street and you want to say some friendly remarks or something and we ignore you, it's because we're tweeting. >> okay. >> he's hopefully going to be tweeting. >> this happens right on time. >> it's friday. it's very windy out there, cold today, much colder than yesterday. high temperatures only in the upper 30s and low 40s, and that's before you mix in winds gusting to 15 miles per hour. >> one thing i like about the
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app, it puts it on the head board. what's it called on the top of your phone, what the temperature is, the current conditions. >> the app is great. we want everybody to sign up for it because i think you'll get a lot out of it. winds 29 now in washington. check it out, gusts 35 in fredrick, 31 right now in martinsburg. last hour martinsburg had a wind gust of 43 miles per hour, that's the most i've seen this morning. 28 here in leonardtown with the cold air working into southern maryland, 20 in annapolis, 23 in baltimore. going to be very cold, very blustery day. and i mentioned the wind advisory. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour in the area under the advisory which goes into effect at 9:00 this morning. that includes montgomery county, howard county here in maryland, loudoun county, virginia, and if you're a viewer out to the west and to the north, you're likely under that wind advisory. the entire area going to see plenty blustery conditions. but the worst of the winds here will be off to the north and west, closest to our area of low pressure which continues to deepen. and right now the rain very quickly changing over to winter weather there across northern
7:33 am
and central portions of pennsylvania. for us we're clearing out. we just showed you a live shot a few minutes ago. we have a nice sunrise and should be in for a decent day. i think partial sunshine will be the word of the day, although cold and blustery with high temperatures only expected to be about 40. weekend forecast generally fine. we have a clipper system that will sneak down here late saturday and early sunday morning. that will bring us some cloud cover, maybe a few snowflakes early sunday morning. 42 your daytime high. there are your winds out of the west, gusting to about 30 here in the city. partly sunny, much colder than yesterday. again, most of the day upper 30s, and with wind chills it'll feel like upper 20ed and low 30s. just plain old cold tonight, 29 your actual air temperature. that sets the stage for a cold weekend. 37 tomorrow. if you're going to the raven sunday, 36. yeah, that's it, daytime high of 36. and then we rebound for the holiday on monday, 50s with some showers on tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's do some on time traffic. julie wright. hey, julie, fox 5 weather. we're now tweeting. reporter: yes, you are.
7:34 am
>> i think i'm going to tweet you here in a minute. reporter: oh, no. i've been telling my followers to follow you and i said give him time, it's baby steps. >> that's right, thank you. reporter: so we're taking it easy. we still have to teach tony p. the acronyms and everything. he doesn't understand l.o.l. yet. on the roads right now you're going to find lanes are open if you are traveling around southbound 270. no trouble spots to report here coming in out of rockville helded for the lane divide. you have to wonder with traffic volume this light on a friday, could it possibly be that a lot of folks did take off and enjoying a three-day weekend? hope so. meanwhile, if you're traveling into work, if you have to make the trip to the j.o.w.b., you'll find on 225 near the research lab, and then out to the west eastbound on 66, looking pretty good right now in manassas, but the average speed here at 50 fair oaks is now down to 22 miles an hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you so much. security officials here and abroad are monitoring the
7:35 am
latest developments in terror attacks and tactics, of course. it's called blended attacks. they appear to be designed to maximize damage targeting major public events. really scary stuff to talk about this morning. joining us now to do just that is j.j. green, a national security correspondent, of course, with wtop radio. j.j., nice to see you as always. >> thanks for having me. >> it's scary even reading about that. what are we talking about with blended attacks? >> a blended attack is essentially using two different types of terror attacks to attack one event or one target. and it's not new in concept because terrorists throughout time have been using, say, one attack to attack a building and then when the first responders respond, they attack again, but now what the big concern is using a physical attack and a cyber attack together. that cyber attack, obviously, can be done remotely, so
7:36 am
authorities are very concerned about things like the 2012 olympics, the world expo coming up in south korea later this year. any world event. now in this time frame, this day and age where lots of organizations and groups are developing better cyber capabilities, they can use even low-level physical attacks to launch whatever kind of event they want to launch, and then follow that up with a cyber attack or vice-versa and that's really what the scary part is for a lot of folks. >> sophisticated stuff here. >> yeah. in some situations you have people that are able to use smart technology, blutooth, use laptop computers, there are lots of different ways in which terror organizations can engage in terrorism using today's cyber and computer technology, and much of that technology being mobile may allow them to actually watch what they're doing from afar, just as we've seen sometimes in some of these
7:37 am
countries -- war-torn countries where there have been car bombs detonated remotely. these kinds of things are growing -- capabilities are growing amongst the organizations that use them. >> i know you mentioned the 2012 olympics. any evidence that any real attacks are being planned now? >> no. but the british are using most likely the queen's 60th anniversary of her accension to the thrown, her diamond anniversary which is coming up in february as most likely a dry run. it's a situation where they're going to have a lot of people there from a lot of places, and all at the same time dignitaries, and they know they're being watched. and they have some very sophisticated cyber capabilities that they have been developing, cyber defense capabilities as well. they're going to roll some of those things out to test them. but terrorists never want to tell you about these kinds of things. >> sure. >> but you know they're watching and you know they would like to attack because
7:38 am
they've said that they want to do these things. >> we always say the internet is this big double-edged sword, all this technology, it's great, but in the meantime, is this the down side, is this the reason for this blended attack theory coming up now or being talked about now? >> one of the issues with the internet as far as terrorism goes is it's constantly evolving, there are always new applications, there are always new developments that help them. one particular situation occurred and we may have talked about this already, there was one scenario where a police officer in maryland was chasing a suspect who was actually listening to the police officer's radio transmission on his smart phone as he was running away from the police officer. so the internet, this kind of technology is definitely improving terrorists' capabilities, one, to be aware, two, to plot and plant. >> how close is the united states monitoring this? we talked about britain, but what are we doing? >> the u.s. to its credit is very capable in terms of being
7:39 am
out front on scenarios like this. i think the u.s. is one of the first countries to recognize the use of blended terror attacks some years ago in the early days of the more sophisticated al-qaida approach which is what took place in some of the countries right after 9/11 in bali and some of the other places you saw. certainly this took place a lot in iraq, al-qaida in iraq used it. they've had a lot of time to study it. they actually have people that do nothing more than look at these attacks and do what what they call game board them, basically look at how they play out, where are the points in which they can actually get into the process and mess it up for the attackers and also look at the psyche of these people who plan these things, look at their capabilities skills, bomb maker skills, look at the signatures of these kind of things and there are signatures for cyber attacks as well. they're also able to do what we call walk the camp back. if an attack takes place on the
7:40 am
internet from some type of website or some type of point on the internet, they're able to actually backtrack it. >> do you have a headline on these bombings in iran? we talked a little bit about the remote detonating of a bomb, these nuclear scientists being killed in iran, they blame israel. >> there is a very capable source, there's a very capable terror group from iraq that works in iran that actually supposedly has been partnering with israeli organizations over the time -- over time that allegedly may have conducted this attack. this group has been working in parts of tehran for many years and is supposedly the go-to organization when something like a motorcycle, a drive-by like this needs to happen. each side we know is very capable, but israel will never tell you that their side did it. but a lot of people are thinking that may have been the
7:41 am
way this went down. >> i feel like you need to come in here in disguise sometime, j.j. >> don't say that. >> you're too visible. >> we'll be together, me and you together on these top secret things. thank you so much. great insight. we appreciate you, j.j. over to you tony. >> i'll stay at the desk. thank you, both. 7:41 now, 38 degrees. still ahead, record snow continues to pile up in alaska. boy, they are getting hit. we'll have an update after the break. but, first, a look at today's "my fox half hoff deal of the day." how does authentic thai and vietnamese cuisine sound? $20 buys you $40 worth of food at instant noodles in northwest washington. to find out more about this deal go to our website, and look for my fox half off. it is on the right side of the home page. we'll be right back. okay, team! after age 40,, we can start losing muscle --
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terrible situation to tell you about, the snow is so high in alaska that some people can't see out of their windows. more than 172 inches of snow has fallen in cordova since
7:45 am
november. the worst winter anyone can remember. making things worse, forecasters say more snow is expected in the coming days. >> that is over 14 feet of snow. >> unbelievable. >> i can't even imagine that. >> that's a lot of snow. >> yeah. that's terrible. >> we had our version of that a couple years ago. our version is eight inches or whatever we had around here. >> you're right, what debilitated the area. we had reported yesterday that a russian tanker was on its way to try to help. it got stuck in ice too, had to be rescued itself. that's how bad it is. meanwhile, here not so bad? >> no. a few flakes overnight, but generally just windy today and much colder. after highs in the upper 50s yesterday, we're going to start in the upper 30s to low 40s for afternoon highs today. look at these temperatures, tumbling overnight. 38 in washington at reagan national, but plenty of the region here below freezing, 28 now in gaitersburg, 28 in winchester and in hagerstown, 30 in winchester, sorry, 28 in
7:46 am
hagerstown and 28 in martinsburg. let's talk winds. and, again, they've been gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour, these are sustained winds, 15 in washington now, 28 in fredrick. so, tony, you know what we're bringing out. >> what? >> the wind chill map. >> oh, yeah, i love it. >> don't get to do this a whole lot this year. 29 is what it feels like now in washington. look to the -- look at the teens north and west, 15 in hagerstown, 14 martinsburg. throughout the day our wind chill temperatures will be in the upper 20s an0s. so bundle up, be ready for a cold day, even with high temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s, never going to feel that warm. a wind advisory off to the north and west where winds will gust up to 50 miles per hour later today. here's your weekend forecast, sunny but dry but cold, highs in the mid-30s. then we'll be back near 50 by next tuesday with a few showers. >> come on next week. thank you, tucker. >> also saying that is julie wright. she's got the latest on today's traffic. hey, julie. reporter: we are checking out the ride around town and
7:47 am
encouraging everyone to sign up for the fox 5 weather app. tucker and i have been talking about that all morning long. a lot of exciting people to come in to see that app. 395 unfortunately had a stalled car mid span tying up the right side of the roadway. that has since cleared. lanes still open. a slow going as you guys travel north of the pentagon, trying to get across the potomac. 295 traffic will slow approaching the navel research lab. you're down to about 30 miles an hour there and the inbound soolin parkway. no problems on the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time frask. >> thanks, julie. you can design your own bike at this year's motorcycle show. >> annie yu is live at the convention center with more on what the show has to offer. oh, annie, looks like you like it. reporter: does this bike suit me? i'm more of a sports bike kind of gal, but they have something for everyone here at the biggest motorcycle show and we're live here at the convention center. and coming up we're going to talk about what you can experience when you come out here, but also bikes for
7:48 am
females, ladies. i got you. so stay with us on fox 5 morning news. and as we mentioned just a couple of moments ago, before we go to the break, we want to tell you about the new fox 5 weather app, you'll get up-to- the-minute weather forecast, live radars and more, maybe we'll throw in a couple of recipes or something. to download it text fox5weather to 29473. you can also just scan the code on your screen right now with your smart phone or you can go to and click on get the fox 5 weather app. it's all the rage. ♪
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i cannot wait to do this today. it's time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today it is katherine zavala.
7:52 am
she writes my husband and i watch fox 5 every morning. we made the switch from another station. i love that part. it wakes us up better and we named our baby allison. yay. and it's spelled like i spell my name too. hope you to meet you guys one day. we hope to meet you one day as well. if you'd like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, search fox 5 morning news and post a comment under katherine's photo. please kiss that baby allison for me. >> suppose they name their pet ferret after me. rev up your engines, the international motorcycle show is in town this weekend. >> our annie yu is getting a preview this morning. she joins us now from where it all happens at the convention center in northwest d.c. good morning. reporter: good morning, allison and tony. you can't do a motorcycle show without a little bit of fashion, what do you think? do you like my motorcycle jacket? >> love it. reporter: mike joins me now. he is the show spokesperson, everybody. >> good morning. reporter: full of energy. >> yes. reporter: mike, tell us,
7:53 am
there's a lot of bikes here, a little overwhelming. what are some of the show- stopping ones? >> there's a lot to see here. what's great about a motorcycle show like this is that it's so diverse. we have entry-level bikes, bikes geared towards females, of course we're in the harley boots, big performance, street bikes, race bikes, you can find everything under the sun. one of the best features of this show and we'll talk about that in a little bit is custom motorcycles. we'll look at those later. these are really cool bikes in here. you're looking at a 2011 ruckus. what's great about a power sports show like this, especially here in d.c. and the weather is great today. you could actually ride in, there's no snow on the ground. what's great about this is you can get on and ride this, it's 49c.c. a great little bike to get around town. as you start making your way up the ladder, this is a bike that's really geared towards females. we talked about that before. throw a leg over this bike. this is a 600c.c. motorcycle. as you can see, she has the ability to put her leg on the ground. it's a light-weight motorcycle. reporter: i am 5'1", so that
7:54 am
is impressive that they make a bike this low. >> the point is the biggest growing segment of the motorcycle industry right now are females. 27% of new motorcycle buyers are females. this is a great bike for you right here because it's light weight, 600c.c., great fuel economy. it's not too powerful where it's going to throw you off the motorcycle. >> so are a lot of the companies making female- friendly bikes? >> with the way the economy is right now, you really have to diversify your product portfolio of motorcycles, so women being the largest group in the industry, this is what they're building. it's a great bike for them and it's also affordable, so you're talking $6,000, $7000, $alleged for a motorcycle that will take you anywhere. >> of course, if you have bikes for females, they have high custom bikes, but they also have interactive activities, right? >> yeah. reporter: so over here. >> are you ready for this? reporter: this is one of many activities here at the motorcycle show. i'm just going to sit on this. what is people going to experience with this? >> this is a harley davidson
7:55 am
fat boy low. we talk about bikes that are geared towards females. this one is a little bit lower to the ground so it's easier for you to get on. are you ready for this? here we go, interactive, you can actually start this motorcycle. so we've already kind of got it ready to go. go ahead and hit the start button. reporter: okay. >> what's great about this is it gives people a chance to come down and get on a harley and actually run it through the gears. so you're not going to go anywhere with this motorcycle, but give it a little bit of gas. reporter: whoa! >> so the best part is if you really want, you can put it in gear. i'll do it for you. you can put the bike in gear, now the motorcycle is in gear. now you start to hit the throttle over there, i can let the gas out just a hair. it's going to spin that. now, you're actually running right now. that back wheel is going. so it's like you're going down the road right now. that's the best part about it. reporter: that is so cool! >> it's a great interactive feature for people to take a look at here at the show. so much to try out.
7:56 am
reporter: so if you want to come out, it's here at the washington convention center. it kicks off today at 4:00. tickets are $15, children under 5 are free. check out our website, for the details. back to you in the studio. >> awesome, annie, thank you. >> i suspect she'll buy a motorcycle. >> i wouldn't be surprised if she does. coming up, today marks the 30th anniversary of the tragic plane crash. roger olin was one of the people who tried to help that day. he swam into the freezing potomac river after seeing the crash. she will join us live in a few minutes to talk about that day. also after 8:00, the nation's capital is gearing up for a big parade on monday to honor martin luther king, jr. next hour a preview from the grand martials, stay with us. 
7:57 am
7:58 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this.
7:59 am
we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. that plane was carrying 73 people when it hit the south span of the 14th street bridge and plunged into the frozen waters of the potomac.
8:00 am
>> that was the fox 5 headline 30 years ago today when air florida flight 90 crashed into the freezing potomac river, so many lives lost, but a few miraculously were saved, thanks to selfless acts of courage. just ahead we talk with a man who dove into the icy potomac that day. plus: >> because my home life isn't the greatest, i want to do better for myself and i want to have a better life, and so that's why i work so hard. >> a high school student excels despite adversity. her family lives in a homeless shelter, but she's shining on the nacialg staimg. we'll share -- on the national stage. we'll share her story this hour. and another virginia high school is in for a huge treat this morning, a visit from first lady michelle obama and the cast of the hit show on nick loadion, " icarly." good morning, to you, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm audrey barnes. steve is off today, but tucker is here to tell us about the
8:01 am
weather that's been kind of windy and rainy all morning. >> yeah. the rain is outta here, but the wind is here to stay for the day. in fact, we'll have winds gusting north and west of the city about 50 miles per hour later today. >> big time winds. >> big time winds. in fact, wind advisory there north and west. let's kick it off with the radar and we'll show you the rain that's outta here and it did mix with or change over to a few snowflakes for some of our viewers off to the north and west. you can see generally speaking we've really quieted down after getting the overnight showers. we've got a mix of some clouds and some bright sunshine across parts of the area this morning. that'll be the theme around here with partly sunny conditions expected. let's switch maps and do the winds. check out the winds gusting now about 25 to 30 miles an hour and these are only going to pick up in intensity during the course of the day as our system off to the north continues to deepen. 35 your last wind gust in fredrick, 23 here in washington, 28 out in annapolis. so you get the idea here, very, very windy conditions expected. and here's your wind advisory, counties to the north and west
8:02 am
of the district, so that doesn't include washington and southern maryland, but it does loudoun county, montgomery county, howard county and most of north central maryland under that wind advisory through 6:00 tonight. here's your forecast, partly sunny skies, cold, windy, it's not going to feel like 42, and, in fact, much of the day with wind chills it'll feel like upper 20ed and low 30s. so definitely be ready for a cold friday and a cold weekend. i'll have the details on that kip. >> look forward to it, tucker, thank you. julie wright is standing by. she's got a look at your roadways this morning in the 8:00 hour. julie, what's up? reporter: well, not a lot, really. we don't have a lot going on on the top stretch of the beltway, typical slowdowns through silver spring, that's normal at this hour. better shape traveling across the american legion bridge, working on the outer loop or the inner loop traveling between tyson's corner and bethesda. we do find slowdowns headed up towards 450, about a 10 minute commute. again, all lanes are open. traveling northbound 301 approaching 197, accident activity here, follow police direction in order to get by.
8:03 am
no trouble spots to report on 295 headed into southeast. the pace is slowing as you work your way north of the beltway, down to about 30 miles per hour and slowing again briefly at the inbound 11th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. protesters with the d.c. occupy movement could be evicted from their tent city at mcpherson square because of rats. >> and now d.c. mayor vince gray is calling on u.s. park police to get the protesters out. the health department reported on the rat infestation that's grown because of garbage left around the camp and rats were seen in tents and in the kitchen areas. mayor gray suggests protesters can move to the other camp at freedom plaza. in a letter to the director of the national park service, gray says "at a minimum, the occupy d.c. sites at mcpherson square and freedom plaza must be consolidated at freedom plaza to allow for elimination of the rat infestation, cleanup and restoration of mcpherson square." congressman darrell issa who
8:04 am
chairs the committee on government oversight and reform says the mayor is trying its best to protect the health, welfare and safety of the people around the campsite. in this situation, the national parks service has been more interested in making excuses than protecting the public. the national park service has defended the protesters' presence in the past and so does the mayor have the power to go above them and remove the protesters? we're going to find out when mayor vince gray joins us in studio in the 9:00 hour. later today mayor gray will host the governors of maryland and virginia along with metro officials to talk about transportation in the d.c. area. gray's office says the officials plan to discuss issues including safety and metro's governance. all three jurisdictions appoint members to the metro board and fund the transit agency. audrey. other stories making headlines this morning, there is more fallout from the harry thomas, jr. scandal. the head of a nonprofit is expected to plead guilty today to a felony charge in connection with the money
8:05 am
scheme. marshall banks is is accused of knowing that thomas was stealing. a court document filed yesterday says that banks was aware that the former d.c. councilman was taking grant money, but he never reported it. thomas pleaded guilty to embezzlement last week. his sentencing is scheduled for may. navel criminal investigators are looking into the shocking evidence of marines relieving themselves on a dead taliban fighter. the marines were part of a unit at camp le jeune, north carolina. the pentagon has now identified two of them. defense secretary leon panetta warns that video could endanger peace talks with the taliban, but a taliban spokesman says the video won't affect the talks and says that u.s. soldiers have done "a lot worse in afghanistan." a soldier from fredrick county, maryland killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. specialistspecialist ron
8:06 am
ildrik, junior died last month when his truck hit a roadside bomb. many in his home town of woodsboro lined the streets as his body returned home. today marks the 30th anniversary of a tragedy that so many in the nation's capital remember, the crash of air florida flight 90. the plane covered with ice and snow from a crippling storm barely got airborne after taking off from reagan national after it crashed into the 14th street bridge, then plunged into the icy potomac. 74 people on the plane along with four people on the bridge died that day, but a few lived, saved from the potomac thanks to a daring park police helicopter crew and good samaritans standing on the banks of the river. one of them roger olin was going home from his job that day at st. elizabeth. he didn't hesitate to jump into that freezing water and mr. olin joins us now by phone. good morning, sir. how are you today? >> good morning. i'm fine. >> you know, it's 30 years. did you have that thought leading up to this anniversary
8:07 am
of sorts, somber anniversary, did you have that thought that it's been 30 years since that day? >> it's really hard to believe how fast time can pass when you're looking back on it. 30 years has gone pretty quick. >> pretty quickly. you were on your way home from work that day as a sheet metal worker, you were at st. elizabeth's. tell us where you were when this tragedy struck. >> well, as the plane crashed into the river which i didn't actually see myself, i was just coming onto the southbound span of the 14th street bridge crossing the potomac. >> and what did you see, sir? >> i didn't actually see anything, but the car in front of me stopped, the traffic had been terrible up to that point and it had just started to open up and i was hoping i could get to a gas station when the car in front of me stopped, and the driver got out of his car and came back to my vehicle and said did you see that plane, it just crashed in the river. initially i thought he'd lost his mind because i didn't see
8:08 am
or hear anything. but then looking around, the traffic was acting in a way that just seemed something had happened, something went wrong, and so at that point i went down to check it out and see what was going on. >> you did much more than that, sir. that day all but four passengers and a flight attendant would be killed, four people in their cars killed. instead of standing back and watching, you took action. what went through your head before you jumped into the potomac? >> well, as i was running towards the river, you could take in the situation, and it was just so obvious that this was a terribly desperate situation, something had to -- you had to do something right then, right at that moment, and unfortunately there really was nothing that you could effectively do. but i just had the feeling i had to get in there and let those people clinging to the plane know that help was coming, even if it wasn't me, at least they could have some
8:09 am
hope, so i just kept running toward the river and hopped in. >> and you say that because on that day there were survivors. you jumped in, didn't actually pull anybody out, but the presence of you being there i'm sure offered some hope to those in the freezing potomac. >> well, that was my thought at the time that even if i couldn't actually get to them, even if i couldn't actually help that in some way i could maybe give them a little more hope to hang on until somebody really could do something. >> sir, you risked your life that day, then president ronald reagan would mention the heroic acts of civilians and the professionals that helped get people out of the potomac that day, coast guard awarded you the gold life saving medal. when you look back now, i mean, just what you do think? do you think, yes, i was a hero that day, or do you think i was lucky that day? what do you think? >> so many times in our life we just sort of fall short of what we should do or what we should
8:10 am
be, but at least i have that one day when i guess i was headed in the right direction. >> no doubt, sir. no doubt at all. we do thank you for joining us by phone today. that's roger olian who j in to try to help someone who was hit by that air florida flight 90 when it went downpour into the potomac. -- when it went down into the potomac. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> audrey, over to you. mpletion a as if air florida wasn't bad enough, the day also marks the 30th anniversary of the first deadly accident on metro. about a half hour after the air florida plane went down, word came that an orange line train had derailed between the smith sewn onand drp smithsonian and triangle stations. three people were killed when the train struck a pillar underground. more than 1,000 were trapped on the train for hours. you can expect major metro delays over the holiday weekend. track work will shut down multiple stations on the blue and orange line. buses will be used to transport
8:11 am
riders between plaza and eastern market, and around the federal center southwest and capital south stations. there will also be delays on the red line due to single tracking. well, it's apt to be an exciting morning at one local high school. >> a visit by the first lady is on tap. if that wasn't cool enough, some of the cast of this hit tv show are going to be with her as well. more on the visit, including when mrs. obama will make a guest appearance on that show. and speaking of shows, steven colbert makes news on his show about his presidential aspirations. that's coming up. it is now 8:11. 
8:12 am
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it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? hey, guys. >> is that mrs. -- >> oh. >> obama. >> obama? >> her husband is the president. >> first lady michelle obama making a special appearance on the hit nickelodeon show
8:15 am
"icarly." she appears in an upcoming episode about military families which airs monday. the lead character on the show's dad is deployed. mrs. obama and the cast will have a special screening of the show at hayfield secondary school in alexandria. hayfield has a large number of students with parents in the military. so cool. >> that is cool. and, you know, this morning won't be the only time that the obamas rub elbows with screen stars. this evening the president and the first lady will host stars of the new movie "red tail." terrance howard and cuba gooding, jr. headline that film which tells the story of the tuskegee airmen. the african-american bomber unit in world war ii. several of the surviving tuskegee airmen will also be at the white house for the screening. 8:15 now. we say good morning again to tucker barnes. he's got the forecast which is windy and the picture which is so cute. >> so cute. we gotta warm up, don't we allison. >> that's right, the warmup factor.
8:16 am
>> let's get down to business, my first 5 photo of the day, it's a two-for-one special, everybody. >> hello, beautiful baby. >> getting a little bonus here. this is 3-year-old christian and 9-month-old parker, everybody. >> how cute. >> and they're doing something many siblings don't do, allison, they're playing some sibling love. >> i love it. may they always say this lovey dovey. >> how do the girls get along, by the way? >> you know. it's good. it's all good for the most part. >> some days are better than others? >> some days are better than others, you got that right. >> looks like christian and parker are getting along just fine. >> so cute. >> want to thank you for sending in your picture. beautiful kids. i hope they are nice and warm today because it's going to be cold outside. maybe not the best day to hit the playground. you might want to wait until early next week. let's kick it off with a look at our current winds, and these are sustained winds. we've had winds gusting to about 40 miles per hour this morning. currently winds gusting -- sustained here in washington 16, 25 in baltimore and 12 in
8:17 am
hagerstown. again, we've got a wind advisory off to the north and west where winds will likely be gusting to about 50 miles per hour later today. much colder air invading the lower 48, 36 now in washington. look at cincinnati, 19 degrees. 18 in chicago, international falls four degrees. hey, that packer game this weekend on sunday, game time temperatures will be in the low 20s, so expect it to be cold there, 18 in st. louis and out to the west salt lake city is 20 degrees. looking at the satellite radar, we've got quieter weather on the way. still going to be windy today, but we lost the rain shower activity. that was our cold front that came through during the overnight hours. so partly sunny today and then generally dry this weekend with intervals of sunshine and clouds. but with our flow here out of the west and north off the great lakes, we are going to stay on the cold side for the next couple of days. here's your five-day forecast and we'll go with high temperatures in the low 40s today, windy, and there's your weekend forecast. could be a few snowflakes early sunday morning. more details on the forecast in a minute. let's do some traffic and julie
8:18 am
wright has that. reporter: are you still tweeting at fox 5 weather? >> yes, i am. reporter: okay, good. >> i'm getting the hang of it. reporter: we're trying to decide if you're team weather or team traffic. the challenge. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, one of the slowest trips we find out there on the roads including the inner loop between braddock road and 66, lanes are open here, better than expected headed coalsville road around 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you so much. >> is tv host stephen colbert running for president or not? on last night's episode of "the colbert report," he transferred his super political action committee to john stiller. transferring that pac allows colbert to enter the south carolina primary next week. colbert is from south carolina.
8:19 am
he's hinted he only might actually run in the primary despite some hype leading up to last night's show. now on to the more serious candidates, all the republican hopefuls are down in south carolina ahead of next saturday's primary. fox news sunday is keeping a close watch on all the campaigning that's going on there. host chris wallace joins us now from capitol hill. and, you know, chris, gloves certainly came off before new hampshire, but we're hearing some of the candidates may be backing off a bit as we head into south carolina after getting some pretty harsh criticism from the big heavy hitters in the party. >> well, we're talking particularly about newt gingrich and we're going to be all over this on sunday. good morning, audrey. yeah. gingrich has gotten a lot of heat because his super pac which he supposedly doesn't have control over, but obviously there's always a connection between the super pac and the candidates has gone after mitt romney on his business record at bane capital, a -- bain capital, a private equity firm and corporate raiders who loot companies, plunder them, take
8:20 am
the wealth out, close down the company and lay off a lot of the workers. we're going to be talking with one of gingrich's top advisers and supporters who is behind that tbook and he's going -- attack and he's going to debate one of the heavy-hitting conservatives, one of the heads for growth that think this is is awful of republicans attacking republicans on the basis of free enterprise, the way the markets work. that will be interesting. we'll also talk to rick santorum who basically finished in a dead heat in iowa and beat newt gingrich narrowly in new hampshire, and he is vying to be the conservative alternative. of course, that's one of romney's advantages up to this point that conservative voters have been split among three or four or even five other candidates, each of them trying to become the alternative to mitt romney. >> also you'll be talking about some other people that are heavy hitters going into south carolina? >> well, yeah. we're certainly going to talk about a number of them,
8:21 am
obviously romney and gingrich and santorum, i think those are probably the three leading candidates. ron paul is doing a surprising job, has finished a strong third in iowa and a very strong second in new hampshire. >> we will certainly tune in sunday for all that and more. thank you very much, chris. >> thanks, audrey. a sentence is handed down for a local couple who kept their young children trapped in a room by putting up drywall. but the punishments have many shaking their heads. we'll have that story up next. and later this hour, our annie yu revs up at the international motorcycle show. you won't want to miss that. time now 8:21. 
8:22 am
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it's a story shocking everyone, a virginia couple accused of barricading their three children in a room behind drywall. but what may be even more surprising, their sentence. kristina moore and john robey, the couple charged for child neglect will spend no time behind bars. yesterday a judge suspended robey's nine-year sentence, instead he was given three years active probation. moore was ordered back into drug rehab and will be sentenced in may. it's a move that's leaving many locals feeling disturbed.
8:25 am
>> it's absolutely disgusting. i don't know how you can get probation for abusing children. that's mind-boggling. >> the commonwealth attorney says the drywall incident is a clear result of extensive drug abuse. this isn't the first time kristina moore has had parents problems, though, she previously lost custody of her 22-month-old twins after they were found wandering down a virginia highway in diapers. more than six years after she went missing in aruba, a judge has finally declared natalee holloway legally dead. the 18-year-old vanished during a high school graduation trip to the island back in 2005. her body was never found. gnatalee's father has asked the judge to make that decision. that comes a day after the prime suspect in her disappearance, joran van der sloot pleaded guilty to murdering a woman in peru. and today a peruvian judge is expected to sentence joran van der sloot in that murder. van der sloot pleaded guilty on
8:26 am
all charges relating to the 21- year-old's death, including qualified murder and simple robbery. van der sloot faces up to 30 years in prison. his attorneys are hoping for a lighter sentence since he did plead guilty. burma freed several political prisoners, meaning a key condition by the united states for easing sanctions. today's prisoner release has been in the works for a while and is part of a presidential pardon for 650 prisoners. berma, also known as myanmar was assigned cease-fire with ethnic rebels yesterday, meaning another requirement to get u.s. sanctions lifted. a tradition returns to the nation's capital as we get set to honor the birthday of the late martin luther king, jr. >> that's right. the mlk parade will be held in d.c. for the first time in eight years. we're going to talk with the grand marshals, coming up. our weather is changing and for the worst. can you say frigid winds? 50 mile an hour frigid winds.
8:27 am
we'll tell you how you can take the fox 5 weather team with you in your pocket wherever you go. time now 8:26, 36 degrees out there. we will be right back. kids can. so you can actually visit that beach proudly displayed on your monitor. for that, you work through lunch. or as we like to say, lunch through work. perfectly balanced hormel compleats meals. freshness sealed for flavor. in over 30 varieties, it's the lunch that works.
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the push for the playoffs began. it's their fourth straight year in the playoffs and that's all that quarterback joe flacco has ever known since starting as a rookie back in 2008. >> fox has two pieces of the playoff pie to serve up this weekend. on saturday the 4:30 game, the new orleans saints at the san francisco 49ers and then on sunday we'll be showing the new york giants at green bay. that's, again, at 4:30. we have something really cool to share with you this morning, a new way you can stay in touch with us and particularly with these guys
8:31 am
all the time. >> yes, indeed. we're talking about the new fox 5 weather app available from apple and android. you'll get continuously updated weather forecasts, watches and warnings, live radar and the best part? you'll get tweets from the weather team throughout the day. i guess the real best part is that it's free. >> right. >> to download it -- text fox5weather to 29473. am i supposed to be reading this part, by the way? >> i believe so. it's got your name on it. >> or go to and click on get the fox 5 weather app. i've been attempting to tweet all morning. somehow i inherited that responsibility. >> all you really have to do with that is go to the android store, the app store and do it. >> you when to find us at fox 5 weather. we'll get tony to tweet before he goes home today. >> you've gotten a ton of followers. >> we're well into the dozens
8:32 am
now. >> several dozen. >> yeah, you got it. >> we're in for very windy conditions today and you can expect winds gusting to about 50 miles an hour north and west of the city. it's going to be a blustery and cold one, much colder than yesterday with daytime highs only reaching the upper 30s and low 40s, but guess what, when you mix in winds out of the west and northwest to about 36 to 40 miles an hour, not going to feel terribly warm out there this afternoon. 36 the current wind gust in fredrick, 23 here in washington, 29 out in martinsburg and 30 down in leonardtown. cold front came through last night. that brought us some rain showers that mixed with a little sleet and a little bit of snow across the area. and now we're left with partial sunshine. here's your wind advisory, counties off to the north and west of the city, so southern maryland, you're not in the wind advisory, that being said, you'll still have winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour. but the worst of the winds will be here to the north and west, all the counties in brown where the winds will likely gust 40, 45, maybe 50 miles per hour
8:33 am
later today. so for a time we will have dangerous wind conditions. again, it's all because of this area of low pressure that's deepening and at the same time pushing off to the north and east. rain quickly changing to snow across northern portions of pennsylvania and upstate new york. for us we should generally see sunshine today. i think it'll be a partly sunny afternoon for us and just kind of cold. high temperatures later today will struggle to about 40. we'll be well below freezing later tonight and that sets the stage for a cold weekend. there you go, 42 this afternoon, that's optimistic. it will be windy. cold tonight. there's your weekend temperatures, maybe a few flurries sunday morning with a very weak low clipper system. hey, i know monday is a big holiday, martin luther king day, 40 with sunshine which is good news. should be dry. allison, i'll toss it over to you, speaking of parades. >> speaking of martin luther king, jr. parades. thanks so much, tucker. as america gets ready to comem orate the martin luther king, jr. holiday on monday, some local kids will continue what's become a tradition. fifth graders from d.c.'s watkins elementary school are
8:34 am
set to recite dr. king's famous "i have a dream" speech. they'll do so from the steps of the lincoln memorial today. the kids have been giving the speech ahead of the king holiday for the past few years. another mlk holiday tradition is making a comeback this year. the martin luther king, jr. day parade in washington d.c. will happen on monday. it's really special because it's the first time in eight years. joining us now are the grand marshals of the parade, of course they're also brothers, professional boxers, growing up right here in washington d.c. lamont peterson, good morning, lamont, good morning to see you again. and a professional boxer in his own rite, his brother anthony peterson, good morning, nice to meet you >> nice to meet you too. >> so how big of an honor is this? you guys are d.c. guys, you get the calls to be grand marshals, what's that feel like? >> we got the phone call, both of us, you know, we was totally
8:35 am
amazed. just to celebrate someone on that day is outstanding to us. >> have you all gotten any word on exactly what you'll be doing on this day? >> i think we're supposed to be in a car and just show support really. like my brother says, it's an honor to be in such an event. we had a chance yesterday to talk to one of the people that's putting the whole thing together. she said the first parade that they done, you know, stevie wonder was the grand marshal. you know, we're very excited about that that we are grand marshals. >> and now it's you. it's a huge honor. i also want to say it hadn't been around for eight years and it was made possible, a lot of people worked hard on this, the publisher of the washington informer, marion barry, and sponsors and volunteers to
8:36 am
bring back this event. from years past we know there are marching bands, dignitaries out there. >> blue marching band this year. >> always great. >> it is very exciting to see everybody coming together to celebrate. >> i just hope that a lot of people show up >> definitely. >> champ, if you tell them to show up, they're going to show up. >> make sure they show up or we'll have to do something. >> it's a day of peace, though, we want it to remain a day of peace. come to the parade. let me ask you on a personal note, growing up in d.c., how did it -- d.c. is such a special city, but it's almost like three or four cities, the city the tourists come to, the city where folks grew up, all this, so tell me and i'll ask you first, anthony, what did it mean growing up in d.c. and to become a successful man in d.c., how did it shape you? >> it threw me for a loop because i've actually been in the streets -- everybody knows the story between me and lamont, we was homeless growing
8:37 am
up. i never visioned this on tv, being on news and fighting on tv along with my brother, so i'm just truly blessed right now because a lot of people say it's unfortunate they weren't able to come out of the circumstances and me and my brother was able too, so it's truly a blessing. >> can you weigh in on that, lamont? >> i would just say growing up in d.c. kind of shapes and molds you to be like a complete person, and i think at this point in my life me and my brother, i just feel as though we are complete people. we're just well rounded, you know, you learn a little bit on the streets and you learn a little bit, you know, at school and things like that, and, of course, boxing took us all across the world so that adds to it. you know, just everything coming together, it's a great feeling right now. >> and a great feeling indeed and a great honor. these are your grand marshals for the mlk holiday parade which is on monday.
8:38 am
lamont peterson and his brother, anthony peterson. i want to give you some information on the ab and cs of the parade. lineup starts at 9:30 in the morning, parade starts at 11 o'clock a.m. at friendship public charter school, that is on milwaukee place in southeast and it ends at leki elementary school on mlk, jr. avenue in southwest. all of this information will be on our website. we urge you to go out and do something positive that day after the parade, or if you can't go to the parade, or if you were going to -- you aren't going to the parade, clear from anthony. congratulations. >> thank you. >> audrey, over to you. >> thank you very much, allison. some positive news today about the future of fairfax county schools. we'll share that next. plus you may need to change where you do your grocery shopping. details of some stores that are closing coming up. but, first, a look at today's my fox half off deal of
8:39 am
the day, how does authentic thai and vietnamese cuisine sound? $20 buys you $40 worth of food at in fit noodles located in northwest washington. to find out more about this deal, go to our website, and look for the my fox half off on the west side of -- right side of the home. yummy. we'll be right back.
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the head of fairfax county schools is proposing a 9% hike in the budget. the "washington post" reports that superintendent jack dales' $2.4 billion proposal is the biggest spending jump in five years. under his proposed budget, teachers would get their largest raise since 2008 and more schools will offer foreign languages. several area grocery stores are closing . the company that owns food lion, bloom and bottom dollar stores announced yesterday that it's closing 126 underperforming stores, that includes six bloom stores in northern virginia and one in maryland, along with the bottom dollar food store in alexandria. those stores will close within 30 days. there is some good news for local shoppers, the plans board
8:43 am
in prince george's county is giving the green light to build a large outlet mall adjacent to the national harbor. the mall will have 80 new stores. after a few changes to the proposal, the board unanimously voted in favor of the shopping complex. it is scheduled to open next year. a 17-year young lady is going through a lot right now. her family is homeless after her parents became disabled. now she has still risen right to the top, about to be on the national stage when it comes to science and we're going to share her special and inspirational story just ahead. annie. reporter: hey, allison. every inch of this bike is custom made and it is worth more than $50,000. it is custom made, and if you come out here to the motorcycle show, you're going to see a lot of high end custom made bikes. coming up we'll show you what this baby looked like before it was all blinged out after the break. stay with us on fox 5 morning news.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelelin' a sunny day ♪
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. our annie yu is previewing the international motorcycle show this morning, showing us
8:47 am
what's hot on two wheels. >> she joins us now live from the washington convention center. all right, hot rod annie, what do you have for us? reporter: i was going to say, even if you don't own a bike, you got to come out here with your family because there's so much to see, from the sports bikes, the harleys and the high end custom bikes. and mike joins me. what is this bike all about? >> this is part of the ultimate custom bike show. these are bikes that travel to a lot of the different shows. there's going to be a big vote at the end of the world championship. this is a 2003 suzuki 350. this is what it looks like customized. you look at the integral design, everything that goes into this motorcycle is pristine. see all the wires hanging out? at blacksmith motors, they take the wires and they build them all in, so you can see the differences in the bike from a stock version. reporter: this bike is
8:48 am
customized, these are real crocodile seats. >> crocodile seats. it's even got hydraulics on it. reporter: oh, my gosh! that's pretty cool. we all need hydraulics going down the road. >> rose gold, you look at the intricate design all the way around. everything about this bike is unique. reporter: what's also unique is the name, true g. that's why i'm going to bring giovanni here. we want you to see the face of the man that built this bike. this is what it looked like before, but what's that over there? >> so this is a 1977 honda gold wing and there's actually an interesting story about this bike because look how beautiful it is, right? reporter: it is. >> this was actually in somebody's back yard and gio who was in here a minute ago brokered a deal and said, hey, i want to build this into a custom bike. reporter: the key to the other bike, isn't that cool? >> in some instances, now, this key right here, these are real
8:49 am
rubies in the key, so in some instances, the key can be as expensive as the motorcycle. reporter: kind of opens your eyes to this world. >> talk about performance too. these are bikes that you ride today. you're not going to put this in the garage and just keep it as part of the program, super charged, this right here is night rouse oxide giving it an incredible amount of horsepower. these motorcycles are fast. reporter: how fast? >> really fast. you're going to be crankin' well over 100 on both of these motorcycles. reporter: how much is this bike? >> this bike right here, for the show it's about $75,000, right in that range. the best part about it is if a consumer comes in and says, look, i have an order of gold wing and i want you to build it into something special, it's like jewelry, you customize it to your liking which is fantastic. reporter: so the options are really endless. so when people come out here and they kind of stroll through, where are you guys going to be located? >> the best part about it is
8:50 am
this whole red carpet here at the show, we're going to have two dozen motorcycles that are all customized going right down the whole pass here, so you'll get a chance to see a whole host of different motorcycles here at the show. reporter: and, of course, you can't do this without picking out some cool helmets to accessorize. >> customization. reporter: here's what i picked out. i have the pink and the sweater and the hearts. love, everybody. and what's yours all about? >> so this helmet right here, this is unique. bell helmet is known for mountain bike helmets, but they've been around for years and years making motorcycle helmets. this one is actually designed by the renowned customizer scratch. he's a pinstripper, very famous pinstriper and he's now working in partnership with bell helmets to create some of these customized helmets. this is one you can try on. it's very retro. reporter: there's lots to see out here, everybody. so come on out. it kicks off today at 4:00 at the washington convention center. tickets are $15, children 5 and under are free. check it out on you can even meet mike.
8:51 am
>> i'll walk you through the show. >> looks like a whole bunch of fun. annie, thank you so much. a homeless high school student is using her brains and talent to help her family out of a financial slump. >> she is already a semifinalist in a national science competition. now, the winner of this contest gets a $100,000 grand prize. fox's dan bowens has her story. >> this is what i love to do, and that's why i do it. reporter: 17-year-old samantha good afternoony has always garvey has always felt at home in a research lab. >> it's my life. just because my home is in a shelter, i want a better life. reporter: her hard work into the effect of mussels in salt water marshes off long island's coast makes her in the running for one of the nation's top science projects. this is hopefully a sign that everything is turning around. reporter: in the last year everything has been so hard for
8:52 am
this brentwood high school senior and her family. >> in february of last year my parents, both my parents were involved in an automobile accident, and because of that they were on disability leave from their jobs. reporter: garvey, her parents, brother and twin sister spent time in a hotel and now lives in a homeless shelter. >> she is a focus student. you're right, her life has kind of turned upside down in the last couple of weeks, but she has a tremendous family. >> i know it's a little rough on her and everything else, but we'll get through it, and as long as we stick together as a family, we'll be fine. >> that's why she is so deserving of this award because not only is she willing to put a beautiful, beautiful research project together, but she's also willing to persevere through turmoil. reporter: the competition's top prize is $100,000. samantha remains humble and wants other students facing similar circumstances to know
8:53 am
there is hope. >> i totally know where you're coming from and i know it's hard and i know it may seem hopeless at times, but you just have to keep striving because there's always better, there's always a brighter side to everything, and if you work hard, then there's something better out there for you. >> she'll probably just relish it because she's worked so hard for it. >> unbelievable story. >> all of our kids can get inspiration from that. replay that, tivo it. a lot of people think mdot, many who maintain maryland roads, right? >> some of your kids know him as a successful singer and actor. he's about to go on tour with the jonas brothers. he's going to stop by our studio in the next hour. time now 8:53. 
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time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day, her name is katherine zavala. she writes, my husband and i watch fox 5 every morning. we made the switch from another station. it wakes us up better and we named our baby allison. hope to meet you guys one day. if you'd like to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook under fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. post a comment under katherine's picture. our movie reviewer kevin mccarthy is no stranger to celebrity encounters. he talked to some of the biggest names in the business and last night he hit the red carpet in l.a. for the critics choice awards. the artist black and white silent film paying tribute to the golden age of movies was a big winner. "the help" brought home three trophies and "the money ball" starring brad pitt won best screenplay. kevin ran into brad pitt in l.a. last night and says he's a really nice guy. he also had the chance to talk
8:58 am
with stephen spielberg. you may remember that kevin interviewed spielberg recently and apparently he made quite an impression. >> i walked up to spielberg's table. i believe at the war horse table and i walk up and he looks at me and he goes, oh, my gosh, we had two great interviews a couple of weeks ago. and oh, i'm, like, geeking out. i tell him i just bought a super 8 camera and he looks at me, and i'm not kidding, he looks at me and he says go make a movie and send it to me. that's what he said. >> i would do that. time to turn things over now to tony and allison for the 9:00 a.m. show. good morning, guys. >> good morning, audrey. i absolutely would do that. >> indeed. that was great. >> thank you very much, audrey. right now at 9:00, occupy protesters being asked to relocate. it appears there's a rat problem at the encampment. we're going to talk to mayor vincent gray about that. plus how you can help improve
8:59 am
the future of the district. the numbers are staggering, in other news this morning, thousands of women die each year from cervical cancer, yet many doctors see patients who are hesitant to get the hpv vaccine. there's controversy surrounding that. i'm going to chat with the doctor about the pros and the cons. also if you have children, you may recognize them from disney's camp rock movies. mdot will be live in the studio. he has recovered from a terrible motorcycle accident and he's gearing up to go on tour with his friends, the jonas brothers. he'll perform for us a little bit later this hour. and my son is a big fan. >> that's so cool. yeah. looking forward to that. >> wait until you hear his story. he had a rough year last year. >> glad he's okay. tucker barnes also okay. he is in the weather center. you might need to hold on to a few things here and there as the wind sort of whips up later, right? >> you got it, allison. we're expecting winds to gust to 40, maybe 50 miles per hour here north and west of


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